A Portrait of Juniper Snowpea...by Allison

Juniper Snowpea is a Nari-pon Pansy by NotDoll Lab in Korea. There are currently four Nari-pons (which are the tinies). NotDoll Lab seems to be making new ones all the time, and they also seem somewhat befuddled at the huge success of their tiny disgruntled bits of resin. There is Pansy, Daisy (the two grumpier looking ones) and Periwinkle and Violet (they look sweeter, not so mad).  Juniper is 4.5" tall. She fits into Kelly clothing, which is the source of all of Juniper's more embarrassing ensembles. I have most major holidays covered, much to Juniper's dismay. The following are chronicles of Juniper Snowpea's adventures:

Juniper Snowpea & the Shortest Photostory Ever

Tiny Twister

Juniper Snowpea Decorates a Pumpkin

Juniper Snowpea Meets Jinkies

Juniper Snowpea and the Interlopers

The Twelve Days of Christmas - 2008

The Twelve Days of Christmas - 2005

Snowpea the Snowgirl

Nuttin' For Christmas

Trouble With Santa

Ginger-pon Recipe

Will Santa Pass Juniper Snowpea By?

Santa Baby - starring Libertine

The Thanksgiving That Never Was

Avian Biology 101 with Professor Snowpea

Through the Looking Glass

Joonie Got a Gun
(Make sure your sound is on for this one!)

The Littlest Witch Of Them All

A New Dragon at Hogsmeade

Resorting to Bribery

Fractured Fairy Tales: Juniper Snowpea in "Kiss Me"

Ignoring Mr. Sandman

Juniper Gets a New Toy

You Call This Swimmin'??

The Witches

I'm Too Sexy For My Hat
(Make sure your sound is on for this one!)

Naripon and Elfdoll Comparison, Part I

Naripon and Elfdoll Comparison, Part II

The Blight of Valentine's Day

How to Catch a Leprechaun

The Reluctant (Easter) Stand-in

The Rare Easter Chicken Laying Her Eggs

Juniper & Kalvin

Presenting: The TinyBear 2000!

Juniper's New Puppy

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