* NEWSFLASH! New species of dragon spotted in Hogsmeade!*

The Ministry of Magic begs the local population to stay calm. "We're doing everything we can, you know," said an extremely ruffled-looking and irritable Percy Weasley, ministry spokesperson. "Don't approach this dragon – it appears to be extremely angry." Weasley's elder brother, Charlie Weasley, is being flown as soon as possible with a garrison of other trained dragon wranglers from Romania to assess the situation. "From the pictures," said Weasley's head from the fire located in the popular pub The Three Broomsticks, "experts have confirmed this is a dragon no one has seen before. We have officially dubbed it "Extremasaurus Junipervious Disgruntious Rex" and believe it is highly dangerous. Please be on your guard."

 Ssshh! We've got a clear look at it! Tread softly now… be afraid… be very afraid…

Oh NO! It's seen us! RUN!!!

Thank the gods it's changed direction. Look at its huge evil white horns!! And glittery disco-inspired scales!

After Henry snapped this picture… it ate him. RIP dear Henry, I knew ye well.

Iliana:  Hullo, who's this? Heavens, I almost stepped on you, peanut!

Iliana: Ohhh look how wee you are!


Iliana: Squee! Look how darling you are!

I CAN'T LOOK ! What's it doing?

Um… I think it's… cuddling.

Iliana: Who's a darling squeebie? Who's this darling squee chibiwibi baby?

Get the tarp. The blood on this one is really gonna spurt far.

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