Naripon and Elfdoll Comparison Pics

(well... sort of...)



Well... I had a word with Juniper, and we're back to work on the rest of those comparison photos for you. Here, you see Pixie showing off her poseability. Her jeans are by elfdoll, her top is a Bratz Baby top, and she is wearing Kelly shoes. Juniper is wearing a Kelly outfit.



(See? Isn't Pixie pretty? Isn't it nice to be nice to Pixie?)


(Now you be a good girl, mummy's cold and we have to get the teapot off the stove...)




Juniper! Did you do that?


Did you knock Pixie over when I wasn't looking?


I guess that's the answer to my question...


To the victor go the spoils. And the wee bunnies.
Pixie is very glad she's going home on Saturday.


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