The Blight of Valentine's Day ~or~ "Effing Cupid!"


Juniper, come out and show everyone the ADORABLE little Valentine's Day outfit

that Auntie Maria in MD made for you!

Come on... come on out! No hiding! It's ADORABLE!

Please turn around? Pretty pretty please?

Ohhh, squeee, lookit the adorable little bitty baby Cupid!
Who izzums a widdle tubby wubby baby? (Please note her teeny bellybutton sticking out in this shot.)

Oh - erm - I put the top on upside down (not that it really matters anyway)...
I'm sorry Juniper, should I fix it and take more pictures?

I will take that as a "no"...

Oh, Joonie, don't be mad! You look so cute! Everyone loves to see you like this!

Well all right then... I will go feed Tubbysnuggles,
but when I come back, I hope you are in a better mood.

(a little bit later... I came back to find this...)

I'm locking my bedroom door and sleeping with the lights on tonight.

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