How to Catch a Leprechaun


The idea that Leprechauns dress entirely in green and basically look like the guy on the
Lucky Charms cereal box isnít a very accurate description of a true leprechaun.
Their pot of gold appears empty, as you see, until they are caught
and the true location of the gold is revealed.


Irish fairy lore tells us that for the most part, they look no different from anyone else,
only that they are much smaller. Most have been reported as having an extremely disgruntled expression.


When caught, a leprechaun is bound by fairy law to tell the truth,

but only as long as you are courteous and look him in the eye. As soon as you glance away,

the leprechaun will disappear. Although they are bound to be truthful, they are tricky.

Caution must be exercised if you wish to determine the location of their famed collection of gold,
should you be lucky enough to ever capture one.


This rare specimen of leprechaun has found his way to the United States,

where after finding his way into the home of a somewhat typical American woman
has led him to exhibit some decidedly girlish characteristics. He has, however,
clung quite steadfastly to his traditional Irish garb, as you see here.


In order to trap this leprechaun, I have set out some items that I believe

will be of some interest to this particular fellow. Our hidden motion-sensor

camera should capture any movement....


Shhh!!! Here he comes now!!


AHA. Much like his unaware American houseguest,

this little fellow seems particularly interested in toys.



Let's see if we can lure him with more toys.... a working miniature

of the game Perfection might tickle his fancy...


Although startled when the pieces popped, he regains his composure.
Let's hope he spies the ATV!!


YES! YES! He's spotted it! Quiet now...




Got 'im!!


Oh... he looks so sad... I... I wasn't really thinking when I... I just wanted the gold, you see...


What's he doing? Let's see if we can get a better angle...


OH. It appears our little friend is expressing his opinion

at being captured by mooning us. Well... at least we all know that the myth

of what these guys wear under their kilts is true. Or... should I say... don't wear...?


I liked the spit and vinegar of this wee fellow and decided to let him go. You can go! You're free now!


Oh... what is it you want? You're free! You can go!


I didn't have the heart to turn him down. I'm a sucker for a little man in a kilt

who has the balls to moon his captors.


Drive safely my little friend!


*Disclaimer... I know kilts are SCOTTISH so please don't bother correcting me, hee!!
I didn't HAVE a leprechaun costume and this was the closest I could get. Kiss the blarney stone.

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