Fun with Juniper Snowpea and Kalvin

An old-fashioned storybook


See Kalvin.

See Kalvin waiting for his friend Juniper Snowpea to arrive.


Here is my scooter!

My scooter goes fast!


Juniper does not want to ride on the scooter.

Juniper is a disgruntled little girl. Can you say disgruntled?


Kalvin wants Juniper to ride on the scooter. Can you ride?


Juniper looks like a movie star in her glasses.

A tiny, angry, petulant movie star. Can you say petulant?


Juniper is telling Kalvin a secret.


Good little girls are taught not to whisper. Whispering is not polite.

 Can you say rude little beastie?


Pixie is unhappy that Juniper is visiting.


Juniper was mean to Pixie once. Twice. Can you say thrice?


Pixie is thinking of throttling Juniper Snowpea.

Can you say throttle?


When little babies get dirty, it's time for a bath.

See the soap? I like bubbles!


Juniper is thinking about making some bubbles of her own.


Kalvin has a cowboy hat! Kalvin likes his hat.

Kalvin hopes Juniper doesn't make bubbles of her own.

Can you say poot?


Kalvin is sad to see his little friend go.

Goodbye Kalvin! Can you wave goodbye?


The End.


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