Resorting to Bribery


I found Juniper on her favorite toy, her rocking horse.


Juniper, it's time to get some more pictures for our friends on Prego,
the BJD Board, and DOA of all your cute costumes.

Juniper: (Rock and glare, rock and glare)


See all the costumes I have yet? We have so many! I'm so happy about this!


AH. It seems YOU are not particularly happy about this.


No -- don't go -- um -- if you try on some more costumes. . .


Juniper: ??? (waiting)…

Um… I will let you wear regular clothes for… for TWO whole weeks and…

Juniper: (still waiting)


I will give you TWO of your Christmas presents now.


Ah! Okay! We have a deal then. First off, a good shot of your "Boo" ghost costume.


Peachy Keen Kristin sent us this crayon. Isn't it adorable??!
Note the matching sneakers!! This is ORANGE!!


I dream of disgruntled tiny Jeannie!


Every Halloween needs a jack-o-lantern.


Yes, Yes we're ALMOST done!


I've never seen a more pissed-off lamb in all my life.


To get rid of the common garden snail, put out beer in saucers.


To get rid of this more exotic snail, put out toys and crayons in the garden.


ALL FINISHED!! Here are your presents as promised.

A very wee Teddy and a wee little dolly.

Are you sure you want to do that to your dolly?

Well… guess we will have more lessons on how to take care of our toys soon.



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