Juniper and Her Puppy


This one didn't seem to need any words, as I tried to write some and they didn't want to come. I told Juniper that she was going to need to take care of the puppy Auntie LeeAnn gave her for her birthday, and that puppies are a lot of work... but that if she would like the puppy to remain HERS and only hers, and not for me to give her to Shawn or Jeremiah Blue, that she would have to help me look after the puppy... and that it was her decision as to what I should do. This is what happened:











I think she's made her decision!



 Omake! Look how tiny this puppy is. That's a quarter she's sitting on.


I love her little face. I love this little doll so much.


Fashion Credits: absolutely insanely tiny boots, dress, and headband by Rosa over on DOA.

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