Juniper Snowpea Through the Looking Glass


'Twas Alice fell through the Looking Glass

One nippy winter morn

Wishing to find her way back home,

She was feeling quite forlorn.


After walking for what seemed like days,

She wished that she could sit.

Alice came across a comfy stool.

She was so happy she could've s h i t.


But suddenly a cat appeared;

A cat with a toothy grin.

He sat himself upon that stool.

Poor Alice just couldn't win.


The cat opened his jaws to speak,

And, grinning all the while,

"I shall quote you a poem,"

Saith he, with a very wicked smile.


                   `Fury said to a

                   mouse, That he

                 met in the


            "Let us

              both go to

                law:  I will


                    YOU.  --Come,

                       I'll take no

                        denial; We

                     must have a

                 trial:  For

              really this

           morning I've


         to do."


Alice really didn't wish to hear

The rest of this musty quote.

She'd had just about enough of it all.

She was ready to emote.


Hoping first to win him over,

She patted him quite gently.

She hugged him very close to her,

Pretending to be friendly.


Because the dumb cat had bought

Her trickery so completely,

She shoved that pussy off the stool,

She did it quick and neatly.


She sat on him until he cried

And begged her most insistent.

But that damn cat had hogged her seat;

So she was being most persistent.


And when that cat had had enough,

And piteously cried for his mother,

Alice demanded to be sent on home,

And told him he was a f u c k e r.


And so the cat did acquiesce

And sent her straight on home.

Thank you for taking the time to read

My silly little tome.



*Portion of Fury poem by Lewis Carroll.*



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