Juniper Snowpea and the Interlopers


This afternoon I found Juniper Snowpea playing with her toy horsie. Of course
the six-shooter isn't far behind. She likes to sit in the little birdcage sometimes and
watch TV and play with her see-and-say. Let's sit back and watch!



Juniper: …??

Praline:  Oh! Hai!! MY name is Praline McSquee! What's YOUR name? This is my little dog Thimble. I named her after Cheri's little dog. She has Kalvin, you know. He's about our size. Have you ever met Kalvin? Do you have lots of clothes? I think I'm going to need some shoes, most of your shoes are too small for me. Do you like cake? My name Praline is a kind of a candy.

Praline:  Wow, what a great room! I have two sisters. All of our names start with a P because it's cute. And we're cute! Don't you think we're cute? I think I'm going to really love it here. Do you have anything to play dress-up with? I LOVE playing dress-up! Squee! Oh, wait, that's part of my last name! I should say… "McSquee!"

Juniper: K

Praline:  I LOVE bonnets. Don't you like bonnets? My bonnet is very big! I think you could probably hide in it! Hee hee! Do you like to play hide and seek? Should we play RIGHT NOW!? Let's play RIGHT NOW!

Praline:  Even better, I like to HUG. Won't you give me a hug right now? Hugs are fun. It's like passing on a ray of kitten-y goodness sunshine with your arms. Don't you think so?

Praline:  You can hold Thimble if you want to. She won't bite. Can we play with your horsie? Can I braid her hair? Can I braid YOUR hair? Why is it so short? I heard somebody say you have a white one. Do you look like Harpo Marx in the white one? I bet you do, hee hee!

Praline:  I can blow kisses, watch! Blowing kisses is even better than hugs! Can you blow kisses too? I came with optional hands and feet and ears and everything. When they are back home I'll show them to you. Do you like pink? I LOVE pink! Can we paint your room pink?

Praline:  OO, what a neat little room! And there's a tv AND a see-and-say in here! The cow goes… MOOO! The chicken goes "bok bok bok!" Do you have a CHICKEN outfit? I heard you did! Maybe I can borrow it sometimes!

Praline:  Hey! Why'd you take the tv and the see-and-say out? Oh, I know, you want to play hide and seek now. Okay I'll cover my eyes and you go hide. One, two, ….

Praline:  Hey! Aren't you gonna go hide? Hey! Don't you wanna play with your chicken suit? You can wear the turkey and we can pretend we're in a lovely barnyard with Wilbur. Do you know Wilbur? He was in Charlotte's Web. Sherry says she can't read that book anymore cuz it makes her cry.

Praline:  It's awesome in here. I'm really gonna LOVE it here! I love you, do you love me? Can we share a bunny kitten hug? Bunny Kitten Hugs!!

Praline: Hey! HEY!!



Punkin:  Oh HAI! My name's Punkin. That's like pumpkin but it's got no "P" and it's got N instead of M. "PUNN-KIN." See? My sister said you locked her in a birdcage. She said she LOVED it in there! She got to pretend she was an exotic princess locked in a tower! We love to pretend! Do YOU like to pretend?

Punkin:  I think you're funny. I am so happy to be here! We came on a plane ALL the way from GERMANY! That's Deutschland if you are actually German. They have great big cathedrals over there and they like beer. Beer! Can you imagine? Maybe when I'm older I'll drink beer.

Punkin:  Heyerhe does anybunnies out there wanna give me a piece of candy? I LOVE candy. My sister's name is Praline which is a kind of candy.

Punkin: Oh SQUEE, you are so cute! I just gotta hug you!

Punkin:  Ohhhh are we gonna wrestle now? I LOVE to wrestle!  Who is gonna win? I think I might! Heee! Wooty toot!

Punkin: Hey, where are you going? I thought we were gonna have a hug party!


Juniper: O__O

Pringle:  Hey. I'm Pringle.

Pringle:  My other sisters talk a lot. I'm rather sorry about that.

Pringle:  Mind if I sit down?

Pringle:  I think we can be friends.

Sherry:  Well… she doesn't look 100% positive, but it's a start.
At least she didn't lock this one up and didn't sit on her either.


About my PukiPuki-PukiPuki – the first one (Praline) is a Puki Sugar. She came with the sleeping face plate (Punkin). The faceplates are much like on a unoa, the front of her face just lifts off – she's so fun to play with because of that. The other face (Pringle) is a Puki Pipi face that I bought off DOA. So I only have 1 body, 3 faces. Their hands and feet are magnetic, making it SO much easier to redress them – just take their hands and feet off. She also came with magnetic kitty ears, paws, feet, and mitten hands, another set of regular-looking hands, and "lucky punch" hands which are the kitty hands, balled up in fists. Isn't she adorable? Juniper totally hates Praline and pretty much despises Punkin. She's not sure about Pringle.


Fashion credits: Everything by Mattel.

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