Juniper Snowpea Meets Jinkies 

Littlefees: Tenley (El) and Surprise (Ante) Twitch (Tanpopo)

Latis: Beatrix (Miel), LU (mystic lami), Josie (Lumi), and Celia Primrose (mystic lumi)

Pukipukis: Sparrow (Ante) and Jinkies (Pong)

Sherry: (me)

Juniper Snowpea needs no introduction

The tinies were playing before heading out for a Halloween party.


Sherry: Juniper, why are you playing by yourself? Enough of this. Go play with the others.
And no, you can’t have the letters U and K. I know what you want to spell with letters like that.


Don’t you give me that look, missy. Just sit down and play.
Jinkies is telling a story, why don’t you listen?


Jinkies (J): …the jumbo jet is ready to take off. Boy, we have some precious cargo today!
Lots of babies and families! And kittens and puppies! And pie. There’s pie in the cargo hold.


J: Oh no! there is a frog on the runway!
The pilot doesn’t want to hit it so he swerves to miss the froggie!


Josie: Not the frog! He’s an innocent!
Did he hit the frog? Is he all right??


J:Oh no! The jet has flipped over!
Medics are quickly on the scene to try to mop up the carnage!


Twitch: This story is excellent.


J: OH NO!! A news crew, greedy for some grisly footage to raise their 6 o’clock news ratings, rush to the scene.
Little do they know they are about to collide with a tanker carrying raw gasoline!


LU: I can’t wait to see if maybe a bus carrying some nuns stops by soon.

Beatrix: Did Sherry give her sugar again? We told her not to.


J: Oh NO!!! Look! Somebody has kidnapped a rescued baby during the ensuing melee!
Who can save her?


J: Then... then… um… OH NO! The 50 foot woman stops by to get revenge on the person who stole her baby!
In a rampage, she bowls over everything in her path!!


Tenley: Is it just me or is this sort of… random?


J: What nobody knew is that the news crew had vital information to the safety of everyone present!
 The news crew knew that, right now, on the loose, was a dangerous serial killer!!!!!!

Surprise: A Serial Killer??!?!!?


J: It was Ichabod Pirate Bluebeard, the dread hook-handed, pumpkin-headed murderer
who slashes every victim to ever come his way!! ARRRGGHH!!! AARRRRGHHH!!!!!!!


(most everybody screams and runs)

Twitch: Told ya this story was excellent.

LU: Meh. Could’ve used a little more gore.


J: Hey. So. What’d you think of my story?


Juniper: (hugs)


The End.

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