Juniper Snowpea Decorates a Pumpkin


Latis: Beatrix (Miel), LU (mystic lami), Josie (Lumi), and Celia Primrose (mystic lumi)

Pukipukis: Sparrow (Ante) and Jinkies (Pong)

Sherry: (me)

Juniper Snowpea needs no introduction


Sher: OK everybody, I have some little pumpkins for us to decorate.
Weíve got purple stick-on rhinestones, a sharpie, some tiny buttons, and glue. Itís really fun!!


Beatrix: Can I do one with purple rhinestones?

Josie: Oh, cool!

Sher: Sure!


Jinkies: I drew a face on mine with a sharpie. They didnít let us have sharpies at the home.

Sparrow: What?


Celia Primrose: UmÖ what kind of home?


Jinkies: Gosh, I do love my pumpkin. I think I will call him Chester.
Does he look like a Chester to you? Maybe more like an Adrian. Or Vinnie. Oh Ė you know the kind of home, the one---

Sher (interrupting): UhÖ Jinkies, we donít need to worry about that just now, right?
It was a fun home. A safe home. Not a home for reformed serial killers or anything like that, ha haÖ

Sparrow: What?


Beatrix: What ARE you talking about?

Sher: I have no idea. Iíll stop now.


Sher: Oh, Juniper, you want to decorate that pumpkin? Thatís fine!
Iím so happy to see you are participating! Why donít you get started while I feed Tubbysnuggles?
If she doesnít eat on time she ralphs all over the sofa.


(a little later)Ö Sher: Are you done? Oh. My.

Beatrix: I donít want to finish my sequin pumpkin anymore.



Jinkies: This is GREAT! Whereíd you get the knife to do that?
At the home they didnít let us have knives, either...



The End.


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