Tiny Twister


It was way too hot to play outside, so some of the girls decided it was time to play Twister.


Jeremiah Blue: OK, so I pull the cards, and say what you have to play next.


Juniper and Prudence, are you ready?


Tenley and Surprise are ready!


Charlie: OK I'll call out the colors too!


Shawn: I can referee.

JB: You ALWAYS want to referee.


Charlie: Left foot red!


JB: Cards! Right foot yellow! Left hand green!


Fred: Ha, ha, Joonie too small! Can't play! HA HA!!!


Charlie: Fred, that's not nice. Juniper Snowpea is doing fine.


Juniper: (furious)(furious)


JB: Right hand green!

Prudence:  HEY!



Shawn: Juniper, I don't think it's in the rulebook that you can play other people's body parts.


JB: I dunno; I can't find anywhere it says you CAN'T.

Fred: Joonie cheatie! Cheatie wheatie!


Tenley: Stop that! Hey!


Tenley: She took my hand! Can she DO that?


Surprise: EWWW!!!!


Prudence: MY FOOT! Gimme back my foot!


Shawn: Juniper, the referee says stop that! It's against the rules!


No! Juniper, NO! She's not a fembot! Stop! That is the last straw.
You took Pru's FACE! Sherry! Sherry! Juniper is cheating!!


JB: You are SUCH a tattletale, Shawn! Juniper is THE WINNER!!


Shawn: No, she's not, you can't take off Pru's FACE and play it!
There's no card for "face" anyway! You have to follow the rules!

JB: Rules, Scmools. This was most excellent. Say something, Pru! What?
Can't hear you! Cat got your tongue? Juniper Snowpea got your face? Heee!


Fred: Hee, heee. Got your face, got your face, honk honk!


(Sherry arrives, sees the carnage):


Sherry: Miss Snowpea. I think you can stay there for a while and think about what it means to play fairly.
 And give Pru back her foot.


The End.


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