Ignoring Mr. Sandman


Juniper Snowpea got a lovely, lovely gift in the mail from Bramble Gizmo and Tilly. Please note the REAL sheets (there is a FITTED SHEET I just about died), REAL pillows with pillowcases, accent pillows, and a rocking horse. Lisa painted the horse to match the bedding. Please note the "J.S." on the horsie. EEEE! I had a rocking horse when I was wee and I loved it. THANK YOU Becky and Lisa!!!


Anyway, it's bedtime, Juniper, wave to everyone and say nite-nite.

Juniper: (rock and glare, rock and glare)


Come on, sweetie, get off your horsie. Little girls need lots of rest!



It isn't time for a tea party with your animals. I know you love the raccoon from auntie Michele,
and the gingham bunny from auntie mia, but you need to get in bed now.


Stop – stop jumping on the bed!


I mean it, stop! You might fall and hurt yourself.


See? I knew you were getting tired. I see you rubbing your eyes.
Come on now, into your nice new bed.


Don't you give me that look, young lady. Now.



Good girl! You can keep your animals on your bed if you want to.


Shhh… I think she's falling asleep…



Nite-nite, my little one.


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