You Call This Swimmin'??, or

Juniper Snowpea is Most Displeased . . . Again


Juniper Snowpea is ready for a dip after a long hot day
of sorting barbies with mummy.


Do you like your new swimsuit Juniper?


Let's pretend! Let's pretend this is a real pool! See the pretty blue?


Let's splash, it's fun, wheee!


Isn't this fun? Um.. whee? Splashie pretend fun.. whee?


Wha… why are you getting out? Oh. Not buying it, huh?


At least she likes her flippers.


Oh – um – okay you have your froggy towel on,
I guess you've had enough fun for one evening, hey?


(I don't think she liked the pretend cardboard pool….)


Oh okay I guess it's time to go now.

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