The Witches

(with a little help from Mr. W. Shakespeare)

Bubble, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.


Tis blackest night,

The moon doth wax and wane;

She, spawn of hellfire,

Brews her evil, much power to gain.


Her potion churns; she means to win.

She must make room to stuff a wee white bunny in.



Fie upon these knees! Is this VINYL I doth see?

The pot is small, yet it will do no harm;

The witch shall simply remove an arm.


Fluffy and small, her favorite treat

A yellow peep 'naught of marshmallow

She will soon defeat.


Ach! The good witch! Fie! Thought she…

The good witch troth, "Only bad witches are ugly."


She seeks to cuddle? An evil such as thine?

Too small to argue, the witch chooses to whine.


The good witch proclaimeth "Squee!

Thou art too tiny and chibi for me!"


The evil vanquished, the wee witch doth proclaim.."Shoot…

That bitch even knocked off a boot."




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