Naripon and Elfdoll Comparison Pics

(well... sort of...)



I thought everybody might find these pictures helpful, as there are always a lot of questions about different BJDs. So while Pixie (elfdoll, on the left) is visiting (she belongs to my friend LeeAnn), I thought I'd get some comparison shots for everyone and talk a little about their differences. The doll on the right is a Nari-pon Pansy; her name is Juniper Snowpea.


As you can see, this elfdoll is built like a tiny woman. She has a very full bust, a narrow waist,
and beautiful full hips. The naripon is built like a baby, with chubby legs and knees, and fat arms.


From the side, you can see how full the little elfdoll's bust is, and her slender, graceful limbs.
From this angle, you can also see the fat tummy on the naripon and her elbows with babyfat.


The back view shows us a womanly, almost Marilyn-Monroe-like rear end on the elfdoll with
beautifully sculpted thighs. The naripon's babylike build is continued here,
with fat at the sides of her thighs and knees.


(PSST! Juniper! We're not done! Turn back around!)


(Well okay then... say hello to Pixie, but make it fast, we need more pictures!)


(Juniper! What are you doing? No - don't slap Pixie- no! stop that!)


(Look what you did! Aren't you ashamed of yourself? You knocked her over!)


Um - ah - we will continuethesecomparisonphotosatalatertimethankyouforlooking.

(You're in big trouble, young lady!)




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