Juniper Snowpea in:
"Trouble with Santa"


I found Juniper standing rather innocently at her tree looking at some of her haul.


Miss Juniper! Merry Christmas! Did you see what Marianna sent us?
This whole tree... all the decorations... and lots of presents too, like the blocks,
the coloring book... and there's more to come on Christmas day!
Did you see, I spelled out Santa for you so you could see how to play with them.


No, sweetie, that one is from schi_violet over on DOA, you can't open that right now.


Juniper: ------....


Why don't you play with your blocks for a little while? I will be back to check on you later.
I have to go feed Petunia the WonderTortoise and check on Tubbysnuggles.


(a little later) MISS SNOWPEA! I would like to remind you that
Santa still has time to mark you on his "naughty" list.


Juniper: --- ....



There's my good girl!!!

Little babies get sleepy playing so hard.


I'll put her in bed later. For now she can nap under the tree...
Merry Christmas, my precious little grump.



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